Project Description

The Biodiversity and Land Use Project is being implemented by the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) and its project partners on a municipal scale.

The aim of the project is to support municipalities, regulatory authorities and landowners to successfully regulate land use and manage biodiversity in threatened ecosystems by developing measures to facilitate land use planning and decision making that promotes optimal biodiversity functioning and the provision of ecosystem services to all.

One of the identified measures is the development of Ecosystem Guidelines for biome types, which provide scientific biodiversity information and identify priorities for consideration in land use planning, environmental assessment and decision making. The importance of these guidelines in biodiversity mainstreaming has been demonstrated through the development and application of the ‘Fynbos Forum Ecosystem Guidelines for Environmental Assessment in the Western Cape’ and the ‘Grassland Ecosystem Guidelines’.

Stakeholder engagement is regarded as an integral part of developing comprehensive and implementable guidelines. This webpage has been created for information sharing, and communication purposes. Your inputs are welcomed and we encourage you to actively participate in developing the guidelines.

Please contact us at if you have any comments or queries.


ALBANY THICKET Guidelines February 2019 Lower resolution
ALBANY THICKET Guidelines February 2019
SAVANNA BIOME Guidelines February 2019 Lower resolution
SAVANNA BIOME Guidelines February 2019
2. PPP Response Report to Introductory Letter Updated 5 Dec 2017
3. Summary of comments received to 8 questions
4. Thicket Shape Files
5. Savanna Biome Shapefiles
6. Savanna Biome Presentation Jan2018
7. Stakeholder Engagement List Feb2018b