Project Description

Environmental Authorisation Received

Notice is hereby given in terms of Regulation 4(2) of the NEMA Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations 2014 as amended:

The Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT) issued an Environmental Authorisation to Siyalanda Property Development on 28 February 2019 to develop residential units and associated infrastructure on Erf 3783 located in Summerstrand within the NMBM.

In accordance with Appeal Regulations, 2014, published in GN R 993 as amended in terms of Section 44 read together with Section 43 of the NEMA, as amended, you are hereby informed of the appeal procedure:

An appellant must submit the appeal (and supporting documentation) in writing to the appeal administrator and serve a copy to the applicant, any register interested and affected party (IAP) and any organ/s of state with interest in the matter within 20 days of this notice (i.e. by 26 March 2019)

An appeal submission must be made on a form obtainable from the Department Appeal Administration and / or the Department website on or relevant regional office.

Only appeals on environmental grounds can be considered.

The applicant, any registered IAP and any organ/s of state must submit their responding statement, if any, to the appeal authority and the appellant within 20 days from the date of receipt of the appeal submission.

Contact details of appeal administrator:


Attention: General Manager: Environmental Affairs

Postal Address: Private Bag X0054, Bisho, 5605

Hand Delivery: Beacon Hill, Hockley Close, King Williams Town, 5601

Contact Number: 043 605 7000


Submit copies of the appeal to:

General Manager: Environmental Affairs per fax 043 605 7300

Environmental Impact Management (Mr S Gqalangile) per fax Fax: 043 605 7300


Please contact CEN IEM Unit should you have any questions.

The final BAR is submitted to the DEDEAT on 23 October 2018 for consideration.

Additional comments on the Final BAR must be submitted directly to the DEDEAT: Cacadu Region within 30 days (by 22 November 2018) to the contact details provided below:

Andiswa Mhlaba  •Fax: 086 675 4327 •Postal: P/Bag X5001, South Africa, 6057 •Email:

Please submit a copy of any comments that may be submitted to the DEDEAT to CEN Integrated Environmental Management Unit.

All registered interested and affected parties will be notified of the decision reached by DEDEAT.

Thank you for your participation as an interested and affected party for the proposed development.


Environmental Authorisation
Appendix F – Environmental Management Programmes