Sarah Baartman District Municipality Coastal Management Programme

//Sarah Baartman District Municipality Coastal Management Programme
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Project Description

The project entails the development of a Coastal Management Programme (CMP) for the Sarah Baartman District Municipality (SBDM). The SBDM CMP will include the following coastal local municipalities: Kou-Kamma, Kouga, Sundays River Valley (SRVM), and Ndlambe.

The along shore coastal zone within these municipalities is ~300km in length, and generally extends from the edge of economic exclusion zone to between 100 m and 1 km inland of high water mark of sea. Twenty-four estuaries are mapped on the national estuaries layer for the study area, however estuaries are not included in the CMP and specific estuary management plans must be developed for each estuary. Synergies and interactions between estuaries and the marine environment will be discussed in the CMP.

The need for a CMP is defined in NEM: ICMA: ‘To establish a system of integrated coastal and estuarine management in the Republic including norms, standards and policies, in order to promote the conservation of the coastal environment, and maintain the natural attributes of coastal landscapes and seascapes, and to ensure that development and the use of natural resources within the coastal zone is socially and economically justifiable and ecologically sustainable’. It is important that the CMP be aligned with existing National, Provincial and Municipal CMPs (where these are available), and that municipal guideline documents are adequately incorporated (e.g. the Integrated Development Plan, the Spatial Development Framework Plan etc) to allow for a co-ordinated approach and prevent conflicts.

Koukamma Study Area
Kouga Study Area
SRVM Study Area
Ndlambe Study Area
SBDM CMP Public Workshop Presentation
Report on workshop for CMPr JBay
Report on Workshop for CMPr Kenton-on-Sea Ndlambe
Report on Workshop for CMPr, Port Alfred, Ndlambe
Report on Workshop CMPr St Francis Bay

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